new model of linear drain

Shower drainage solutions

From stainless steel or from the latest antimicrobial compounds, you can always trust the wet room gully system purchased from us. Also called channel or linear drains, these gullies are definitely the newest that technologies have to provide, being able to handle much larger volumes of water than the traditional point drains. Easy to install […]

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find the best cleaning company

Professional cleaning services in Bromley

For a better cleaning service, call Bromley cleaners. Over the course of time, we have established ourselves as one of the most reliable cleaning companies in the area. Not at all a franchise but rather a smaller company, you can count on our maids and teams of cleaning technicians to arrive at your place at […]

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best Drains for showers

Drain systems for a modern household

There are quite a few reasons for which you would want to change your wet room gully system, but one is more important than the rest. And that one is the fact that you, most likely, don’t have the latest of what technology has to offer. We live in modern times and our lifestyle influenced […]

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