Drain systems for a modern household

There are quite a few reasons for which you would want to change your wet room gully system, but one is more important than the rest. And that one is the fact that you, most likely, don’t have the latest of what technology has to offer.

We live in modern times and our lifestyle influenced by everything that surrounds us. There is nothing that hasn’t even the smallest influence on our lives. Even if so, there are too many people that don’t realize the importance of a wet room drain system. And they remain unaware of its importance until it becomes faulty. And then they realize that a shower or a bath cannot be relaxing if there is a risk of water overflowing, if the water has infiltrated beneath the tiles and has become stagnant, and so on and so forth. Find more on Shower Drainage Systems E.C.T UK.

But this isn’t the only reason why you would choose to change your wet room gully system. Another reason would be beyond the effectiveness of these new drain systems. And that reason concerns also our modern lifestyle. The linear drains that we offer you aren’t just way better than the traditional ones. They actually look good and they don’t take anything away from the aesthetics of the shower room.best Drains for showers

They are, basically, long and narrow profiles which can be positioned along the wall or in the corners of the shower floor. They are discreet and you won’t even notice them. Unless you want to.

We are talking about the many possibilities of personalizing your new drains. The linear drains can be made from the simple and classic stainless steel, or from the latest antimicrobial compounds. Depending on their opening, they can have gratings with any design that you want, or no gratings at all.

Even more, many of our clients have asked for other upgrades, such as LED lighting and even personalized inscriptions on the gratings. More than obviously, we were happy to oblige. These are just two of the improvements that you can add to an already improved drain system. Your new wet room gully shouldn’t just collect the water. It should also look good. Find more articles..

Speaking of which, these types of drains aren’t just very resistant, but also very low-maintenance. Because the water is collected on a larger surface, so are the impurities. In this way, the risk of clogging is greatly diminished. All you have to do is to wipe the profile with a piece of cloth from time to time and you won’t encounter any problems at all.

And speaking about problems – you won’t encounter any even if you decide to install your new linear drains yourself. Even without the assistance of a professional plumber, you will be able to do it yourself, just by following the simple instructions.

If you believed that your wet room drain system isn’t important, then you probably should consider changing it from the very next day. We have all the solutions needed for a performant wet room drain system.

If you want to know more about what we can offer you, browse on this page – better yet, give us a call. A professional team is waiting to give you all the answers needed for you to choose your new and improved wet room gully system.