A modern design for a modern wet room

Whether you are moving into a new home, whether you are renovating, don’t forget about replacing your floor drains in the wet room! They are, more often than not, the ones which decide how your day begins and ends. Just imagine taking your morning shower before going to work and noticing the water overflowing, slowly flooding the wet room (and even the rest of the house). Just imagine the rancid smell of stagnant water when you take an evening bath, when you just want to relax after a hard day at work.

These cannot stand – and these are just a couple of the problems which may arise with a faulty wet room drainage system. And you don’t want to notice these problems, simply because by then it is already too late. And if that happens, then you might as well begin renovating the entire room and even beyond it – change your floor drains and prevent all these from happening.uk drain gullies

There are three alternatives from which you can choose. The easiest one (and the cheapest, for that matter) is the traditional point drain, which can be found in most of the households. Usually round or square in shape, it is located in the middle of the wet room (or thereabout) and can be spotted easily. It is a hard worker and you can see that – it does its job properly, most of the times that is. In the rest of the times, it clogs easily and it lets the water infiltrate beneath the tiles.

This is an obsolete design for that matter and it doesn’t represent any longer the solution for a modern wet room.

The second alternative is the ready-made shower room floor – but, because it has a traditional point drain incorporated, maybe it shouldn’t be taken into consideration either. More articles…

The last alternative is also the best one which can be found on the market. It diminishes all the risks which came with the traditional point drains, it has a modern design which makes it inconspicuous, and it is low maintenance. The linear (or channel) drains are the wet room floor drains for the modern age. Being long and narrow profiles placed beside one of the walls, they are barely noticeable. Because of their positioning, they are easy to install, necessitating just a small tilt of the floor in their direction (as opposed to the traditional drain, which necessitated a concentric and visible inclination towards the drain).

For this reason, the risk of infiltration is practically inexistent – our professional technicians are at your disposal, ready to install your new linear drains. A minimum opening needs to be respected, no matter what the length of the profile is – however, this means that clogging rarely happens, since the impurities are collected on the profile rather than in the pipe.

Besides their price (which is just a bit higher than the price of the traditional point drains), there is no reason why you should consider the alternatives. In any way, the decision is all yours to be made – you just have to decide on it sooner rather than later.

And now is the best time to do it, considering our special discounts and offers. Check our website further and find out more about it, or simply give us a call. Your new stainless steel drain gullies can be found at us, ready to bring you relaxing and soothing showers and baths.